Cruel Girlfriend - No Cummies For Dummies

Added: 20-03-2022

Aw! Sorry Dummy - the answer is still NO - there's no cummies for dummies, and that means you. You're not getting unlocked - especially as this is way too much fun dummy! You're all locked away in chastity for me and that's exactly where I want you to stay. I just think it suits you to be in there so much - don't you think? Like you wanted me to be your girlfriend but I'm just way too pretty for a loser like you and so keeping you in the chastity cage lets you spend time with me without offending me with your icky boners. I know I can wear the cute kinda things I like to wear around you and you can't get excited. I know I can get changed right in front of you if I wanted to - and you won't be drooling and jerking off to it. I know that if my girlfriends came over right after cheer practice or gym class or whatever - you're not gonna tent up in your trousers and make everyone 'Ew-out-loud'. So to be very clear with you dummy - you're not getting unlocked - not now... maybe not ever.
It's cute that you like me so much though - even after I locked you away in that thing. I mean it's cute and pathetic at the same time. All I have to do is stand in front of you, push my perfect little ass out a little and tell you to rub your device into it and you're falling over yourself to do it. Even though you're not gonna get any pleasure, even though you know it's gonna be humiliating, even though you know it's gonna be frustrating as fuck and give you the worst achy blue-balls ever! You'd do it - you'd rub your little caged cock into my perfect ass just because it's all you can get. It's so much fun teasing dorks like you - making you totally regret the mistake of getting locked up by me - making you realise what your missing. You're gonna regret it so much loser - I'll be able to tell by every sorry twitch your poor caged boner makes against my too-good-for you ass.
You know what I like the most, loser? It's the 'no cummies for dummies' tease and denial torment you're gonna suffer for me. Over and over again - I'll remind you that you won't get to cum - not for years and years. Everyone else does - everyone except you. You don't get to. There's no cummies for dummies, loser. No matter how much you enjoy rubbing your cage into my ass, or my leg or my pretty Princess feet - you won't get to cum - you just can't - I won't let you. All I'm gonna do is keep teasing you and showing you what you're missing and making you regret getting locked up - over and over again. I'll flirt with you, I'll twizzle my hair and do all the cute things that drive rejects like you wild - just to make it extra difficult in there - but you won't be getting any release. You won't be getting unlocked - you won't be getting any pleasure and you definitely won't be cumming.
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