Princess Cherry - THE CAGE day 13

Added: 20-03-2022

Today marks a very important day beta. A day that’ll change the world for the better. The day your count down begins. Before you get the privilege to be locked up! Something that should have happened a long time ago. Locking that pathetic cock up is inevitable. That’s why you’re going to pause the clip and go purchase one for Prrincess right now. A durable, indestructible metal cage. Make sure you pay the extra fee for next day shipping after the purchase, you’re going to send Me a private message stating that you have made the purchase like a good little bitch! So that the countdown can begin! Only a matter of days before that cock looses all freedom. However the funny thing is that, it was never really a free cock. It’s been Mine. My prisoner. This is just a new way to serve Prrincess and prove your worth. By completing My tasks... you see the next couple days will be fully guided by Me. Leading up to the last day, when you apply your cage... and send Me the keys and all control to My PO Box. real life servitude. Surrendering yourself to Prrincess In real time. A one in a lifetime opportunity beta.
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