Goddess JessiBelle - Cuck Slave - Latex

Added: 23-03-2022

I am on a date with a real man while you are locked in a cage paying for my date. All of the fun things I m going to do funded by you! Cucks don't get to have fun like I do. Slaves don't get to enjoy what ever they want. Cuck Slaves are not even really humans, they just do as their told. You just pay as you are told to do.
If you're going to be stuck there in a cage you will need something to help pass the time. You will watch this video from start to finish, once done you will buy a brand new video. You will watch the new video and when you are done you will watch this video again, then buy a new video, rinse and repeat. You will do this until I have returned from my date!
You will feel like you are at your breaking point. You will think you cannot take anymore, but you will KEEP GOING. You will reach a new breaking point, but you will keep fucking going. I know you are paying for my date, but I still want money flowing into my account.
You don't deserve anything. I don't have to treat you nice. I just tell you what to do and you will do it.
*Audio is a little low, I recommend headphones
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 287,72 MB | 00:09:48


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