Domme Bombshell - Mesmerized And Mind Fucked By A Brat Girl

Added: 24-03-2022

Me and my friends are the real Bad Girls of the school. We cheat on tests, we make nerds do our homework and we party big time. Of course we go to detention like hell, but along the last month they made us have sessions with psychotherapist. Each girl that entered your office leaves like the perfect boring school girl. They only study and follow the rules. And everyone leave using the same necklace. Now it's my turn. You think my friends are better now and you are happy the finally the Queen Bee came to your office. You show me the necklace you use in sessions. The girls leave your office using it as a commitment to follow your rules. They are bound to your guidance by the necklace. You let it swings and tell me how it is flawless and shiny... Oh, you're going that road? I'll follow your instructions, twisting some words, distracting you with my perfect nails and deep cleavage.

Before you know, the tables are turned, you got mesmerized by me instead the other way around. I make you wear the necklace. Now I make the rules. By the end of the session you'll be programmed to pay me the sessions, not just mine but all the other girls sessions. All money is mine. You'll ask the girls necklaces back to put it on your own neck. Each necklace will make you more and more submissive to me. You'll present reports saying how perfect and brilliant I am. You'll say I'm a model to be followed by every student. I deserve to be the Prom Queen, the Cheerleader Queen, the Student Body Queen. I'm your Queen know. To show my complete control I make you get naked, on your knees and jerk as you repeat my commands. Now I have to go shopping so you give me your credit card. Now when you cum you'll fall out cold and when you wake up you'll remember this session as the best session of your life and you will ask me to come back over and over again.

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