Cruel Girlfriend - My Boyfriends Gonna Spank You

Added: 27-03-2022

I have some bad news - my boyfriend found out that you've been totally obsessing over me and drooling over me like a pathetic puppy. I tried to explain to him that you're no threat to him at all - I promise! I told him that you're just some weakling who's totally obsessed with me but he is still totally furious with you. He knows that I only keep you around to do my chores and stuff but the final straw was when I mentioned that I thought you might have stolen my favourite pair of panties when you were doing my laundry. He's so mad with you, loser and he's decided to give you a totally humiliating punishment to teach you a lesson. He said you've got to come over to get SPANKED! He's not kidding - my boyfriend's gonna spank you - and to be honest - he's really looking forward to doing it too!
The thing is, my boyfriend wants to make this whole thing EXTRA humiliating for you - like he wants to spank any hope of me ever seeing you as a man right out of you. So we decided it would be so embarrassing for you if we dressed you up like a naughty little schoolgirl for your spanking! You can wear my uniform - my teeny-tiny, pleated school skirt, a collar and tie, knee socks and of course - cute Britney pigtails! Then, when you're looking your sissy-submissive best, you're going over my boyfriend's knee for the most humiliating spanking of your whole life! He's going to spank you so fucking hard you'll be sobbing and yelping just like a real schoolgirl! And just so you know - as soon as I see you bent over with my skirt pulled up over your little red bottom and I hear you begging him to stop - he'll be absolutely right - I DEFINITELY won't ever see you as a man ever again!
Y'know what's gonna be the icing on the emasculation-cake, chore-bitch? After he's through teaching you a valuable lesson and your ass is burning red from the spanking he's handed to you - we're gonna make you stand in the corner of my bedroom facing the wall with your panties around your ankles. We'll make you hold your little pleated school-skirt up high so we can both see your glowing cheeks. And you'll stay there while we make out on my bed. You can listen to us as you stare at the wall with your punished little ass on display. You can hear me praise my boyfriend for giving you such an awesome spanking and compliment him for being so much stronger than you - how I'm so lucky to have a real man boyfriend like him instead of a pathetic simp who gets spanked like a feminized schoolgirl.
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