Humiliation POV - Goddess Dommelia - Gooning Dopamine Drone

Added: 01-04-2022

Goddess Dommelia! This intense mindfuck clip has deep, intense, dark, mesmerizing beat to it that will help you sink down into goon trance. It is filled with audio and visual mindfuckery and subliminal messaging. You will get lost, deep down the goon hole.
You love to goon. You live for gooning. And every time that you goon, you get more and more addicted to gooning. But why gooner? You must be confused. Why is it that every time you start stroking that cock, every time you enter the goon state, why does it feel so good? Why does it feel like nothing could stop you? Why does it feel so addictive? Well it's s simple chemical reaction, gooner. Every time that you goon, your brain is flooded with dopamine. Stroke after stroke, you pump that chemical into your brain and you get more and more addicted to it.
Dopamine, that's what makes you feel so good. You need it. It encourages you to jerk more. It's a reward system, and every single time you strake that cock, your brain rewards you with more dopamine, flooding your brain, overloading it. And you're unable to stop jerking. But why would you want to stop, gooner, when if feels so good. As you pump, you dump more and more dopamine into your brain. Your receptors are firing constantly. It's so addicting. When you get that hit of dopamine, you just need more and more and more, don't you gooner?
You're so utterly addicted to pumping that cock. And you need more dopamine, gooner. And there's only one way for a gooner like you get their fix and that is to keep pumping. Keep stroking that cock, gooner. If you stop, you'll crash. You need to do whatever you can to keep that flow of dopamine rushing to your brain. You need more. Never stop gooning. Just keep stroking that fucking cock for me. Pump, pump, pump that dopamine into your brain. Let yourself get more and more addicted to stroking that cock.
You need to pump that cock for me, don't you gooner? You need to keep gooning. Let all that dopamine get released again and again. Just let your mind be taken over by this flood of chemicals and hormones. Jerking your dick is all you'll ever need. Pump that cock again and again, ride the edge, feel that bliss. And in order to maintain that, you must never let yourself cum. Because when you cum you crash and you don't want that. You just want to goon forever and ever. Keep that hand wrapped around your cock, gooner. Just keep stroking and stroking. Pump your dick. Nothing feels as good as gooning. Nothing feels as good as getting more and more addicted to the dopamine release you get from gooning.
Pump for me gooner. Let your brain be taken over. So addicted to dopamine. So addicted to the rush. Stroke that fucking cock for me gooner. You're so completely addicted to this feeling, aren't you gooner? Pump that cock and never ever cum, just let yourself get more and more addicted to that dopamine rush. Goon your brains out. The more you release that dopamine, the more you need to stroke and pump to goon. And you need that dopamine rush, don't you gooner? Yes you do, so keep pumping. Goon for me, goon yourself into oblivion. The dopamine goon has you trapped forever.
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