Club Stiletto - Princess Lily - Cum while I talk about My Boyfriend cucky

Added: 02-04-2022

You'll be weak in the knees and hard where it counts in this hot cuck POV. Sexy Princess Lily is relaxing in the tub and talking about her gangbang party and how she just let you suck all the cum out of her but now she needs to get ready for a date with her hung stud. How frustrating yet arousing being married to such a nympho but never getting to fuck her yourself.
She runs her hands all over her body, her breasts and under arms, down her legs to her feet. She loves tormenting you with what her lover takes at will and you get none of unless she's in a generous mood and needs cum sucked from her pussy or ass. She talks about how she loves keeping you in chastity, knowing you are literally aroused 24/7. This verbal masterpiece, that talks about fluffing and cleaning up, sexual denial, and studs huge cocks, will have you falling deeper in love with Lily and unable to control yourself. Fortunatelly for you Lily gives you a countdown and tells you to cum on the side of the tub. "Now why don't you show me how you lick that up for me" she says.
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