Goddess Natalie - Mesmerized by my hair

Added: 02-04-2022

I noticed how you stare at my hair and become instantly helpless and weak for me the moment you see me touching it. The shimmering glow of this brand new color I just got at the salon (yes, the one you paid for, slave) just makes you want to get down on your knees and jerk off while you stare at my beautiful locks.
Lured in by the sound of my soft, calming voice and entranced by my fingers playing with this soft, shiny blonde hair, you will fall deeper and deeper into t.r.a.n.c.e for me today. You will disconnect from reality and feel so incredibly mesmerized by my sexy hair, imagining the smell of my shampoo and how it would feel to stroke those locks...that you get lost...lost and aroused!
So incredibly aroused that nothing can distract you from this magical moment. The music slowly drifts away until you can't hear anything anymore - just the sound my fingers make when I run them through my beautiful hair. Only reading this already got you so hard, but there's more to come little one...are you ready to get hard for my lovely hair?
P.S.: You will need a pen for this video and your headphones ready.
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