Goddess JessiBelle - Left With Nothing

Added: 03-04-2022

I don't know if you are incredibly smart or incredibly fucking stupid. You spent every last penny on me and now you have nothing! That seems stupid, don't you think? Only an absolutely moron spends all of their money and has nothing left. There is a plus side, you spent money on me, enough videos to last a lifetime.
You knew what it took to get my attention and you did! You bought tons of videos, sent tributes, gift cards, etc. You got my attention, but now that you are broke, well you know what will happen right?
Now that you have spent everything you get NOTHING from me. I have all of your money and now you are broke. You ruined your savings, your dick from jerking off too much, and your entire life because you SPENT IT ALL. I didn't even have to do anything to get all of it. But now, now that you are broke I don't want anything to do with you. Broke losers don't get attention.
This isn't even a matter of spoiling me, you knew that I deserved this money and you gratefully handed it all over to me. That money was ALWAYS mine. I took it all and left you with nothing.
Now that you have nothing you will not get my attention, the only time you will hear me talk to you is in the form of video! It is so good that you spent it all on me, I deserve every penny and you knew that!
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