Sloansmoans - After The Gym 4K

Added: 06-04-2022

CUSTOM FOR GIULIO: Watch as you and I just got home from the gym. We’re both still slick with sweat, I lay back on the bed and begin to run my hands through my curly, wavy, wild mane as I tell you how exhausted you made me. I then comment on how good you smell, all sweaty and delicious and I tease you about how I smell just as good. I then turn around and put my ass and pussy in your face and ask you to smell me through my yoga shorts. I love having my pussy on your face and I know you love my scent, but… I think YOU smell even better. I bury my face on your dick and balls and smell you through your sweatpants. Your sweaty cock drives me fucking wild, you know I love it. In fact, I can’t help but get so turned on by your smell that I tell you to take your cock out and stroke for me. The sight of your perfect dick turns me on so much that I begin to touch myself and masturbate over my shorts. I worship your cock as I continue to get so wet and juicy. I tell you to keep stroking for me and that I want to cum for you and your cock. I stat fingering my pussy underneath my thong and shorts and I switch up positions a bit to show off my ass as I finger myself. I cum for you passionately, beautiful agony style, and then rub all of my juices into the thong and shorts because you know that I’m going to rub them in your face so you can smell and taste me. I shove my thong and shorts into your face and tell you to give me your cock. I want it. I need it. NOW. I get on my knees in front of you as you sit on the bed and I being to give you a sloppy, drooly blow job. I gag and deep throat your cock as I continue to talk dirty about how much I love your beautiful dick. You cum in my mouth and make a mess all over my face and by the end I’m just as exhausted as when we began… enjoy me,

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