Kelly Sunshine - Love Potion

Added: 09-04-2022

It was pretty awkward at the **** dinner tonight. We went out for your daughter's birthday and you showed up empty handed. You couldn't even buy her a gift after spending the money you set aside on expensive new shoes for Me. Things got nasty when I bragged about our shopping trip, and now she says she hates you. To cheer you up, I pour you a drink from the bottle you bought My Step-Mom for your anniversary (which I demanded you give to Me instead.) What you don't realize is I've added a secret ingredient of My own. After two sips you begin to feel strange. You told yourself you'd never touch Me again after the trouble it got you into last time, but suddenly you can't take your eyes off Me. Words begin spilling out of your mouth about how beautiful and perfect I am. You even blurt out you love Me more than My Step-Mother. Even though you're My step Step-Father, you beg to please Me. I smile and pull out a document and command you to sign on the line. You are too weak to resist. Now everything you thought was yours belongs to Me!
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