Candy Glitter - Censored For Beta Losers

Added: 20-04-2022

You’ll never convince a woman to give you access to her body. That goes without saying, of course. You have no chance of ever interacting sexually with anyone who has a pussy. That ship has sailed for you. But there’s another step to be taken. You undoubtedly have seen a lot of fully nude women in your life, and the time has come for that habit to come to an end. You know you don’t deserve pussy. You don’t deserve tits. You don’t deserve ass. You don’t deserve to touch them, of course, but I think you don’t deserve to look at them, either. Do you think you deserve to see my body in its full uncensored glory? Of course you fucking don’t. Alphas get to see me naked. You only get to see me when my body is covered, or censored, with all my parts obscured from view. You’re a loser, and you only get to watch censored porn for losers. Pussy isn’t for beta losers. CENSORED PORN ONLY.
Use markup code DENIED at checkout if you're a beta unworthy of seeing pussy.
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