Miss Brynn - Date Rejects You SPH

Added: 22-04-2022

Ugh, I know I'm hot, but really? You thought I'd fuck you? God you're a fucking pervert. I tell you to pull out your cock, threatening you with telling mom. The moment I see it I can't help but get grossed out. It's so small it's not even funny! I pull out my favorite toy, telling you what a size queen I am. I laugh, then realize my of you is getting your teeny cock all red. It didn't even get bigger! I wonder how you even jerk it off, and tell you to do it for me. I demonstrate on my much larger dildo, showing you to use 2 fingers in a circle to jerk your tiny penis off. I start laughing at the idea of you rubbing it like a clit. While I tell you how to jerk your penis for my amusement, I pull out my phone to get a video of it, threatening you to amuse me so I don't show everyone. Eventually, I start getting bored and demand you cum. When you do, I tell you to get out and sit back to continue scrolling through my phone.
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