Lindsey Leigh - Stripper Heel Blackmail

Added: 24-04-2022

Do you like these heels? I notice you have been staring at them all night. You always come into the strip club to stare at heels. You always beg to sniff, rub, lick and touch my feet. Im starting to think you have a stripper heel fetish. Does your wife, company, friends or family know your dirty little secret? What do you think would happen if they found out? Hm interesting, can I have your business card? Nice card you have here, you must be doing well for yourself. Do you have a wife? Any kids? Do you like your job? Whats your bosses name? I really want to get to know a bit more about my random foot guy who frequents my club. Im just gonna keep dangling my feet and showing them off. The more I do the more information leaves your body. One bit of personal information turns into 20 bits. Once I hear everything I need I drop the bomb on you. If you want me to keep this private there are a few things you'll need to do for me..
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