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Added: 25-04-2022

Your girlfriend Zaurus has a surprise for you. She is just getting home and looks happy and excited to see you. She tells you she has a surprise and before you can even ask her what it could be she leans forward and gives you a great big kiss! Zaurus is so beautiful, and you feel so lucky to have her. But after she kisses you things start to get a little weird. You start to feel funny and then you can't believe it but Zaurus appears to start growing! At least that's what you think at first. You soon realize that she isn't growing. You are shrinking!
Zaurus smiles and laughs at you as you shrink down to the floor. She picks you up and comments on how cute you look like this! After trying to calm you down a little she tells you why she did this. She knows how much you like her mouth. That you even have a little bit of a mouth and tongue fetish. And she wanted to let you enjoy her mouth in an even better way. So she shrunk you down! You're a little bit nervous about the whole thing but then she opens her mouth wide for you and as you gaze into her throat you are amazed at how it looks at your tiny size.
After letting you peek into her mouth for a while she can't resist giving you a little lick. Her giant tongue slides across your entire tiny body. "Oh my gosh you taste soooo good!" she exclaims. She has a look in her eye that you don't quite like as she begins to lick you more vigorously. She seems a little too excited by how you taste. Hopefully she calms down after you let her lick you a little more...
This video has music and sound effects. There are close ups of Zaurus' mouth, tongue, teeth, etc. There are also a few slow-motion shots of her mouth too.
This was a custom video
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