Princess Camryn - Seducing The Sub

Added: 27-04-2022

I'm visiting a friend and she's called out last minute, so she asked you to drive me to her house.I begin to pick up submissive signals, read you like a book and take control.
After we’ve arrived andyou’ve brought in my luggage, I make the usual small talk--thank you for the ride, etc. Eventually I ask why you don’t have plans on a Saturday night. Then I get more personal, like I’m reading your mind. Maybe what you need is a woman to take control. I’ll make you an offer: tonight, I take control and give us both a night to remember. Are you game?
I’m going to take control if you’re ready to obey. I command you to drop to your knees and remove your clothes, which you do without thinking, proving to both you and I that you’re submissive
I warn you to stay kneeling and keep your eyes on the ground. I get up and leave the room. After what seems like an eternity I return in a new sexy outfit.I’ve brought handcuffs, a collar, and a leash. I have you turn around and put handcuffs and a collar on you, keeping the leash in my hand. I take my phone and take photographs of you, kneeling, restrained, and naked, telling you if you don’t behave then my friend will see them.
I begin to make you do some humiliating things while putting you in your place until I'm sure you will obey me no matter what.
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