Madam Violet - The Art Of The Hands Free Orgasm - Orgasmic Breath

Added: 29-04-2022

Learning to achieve a hands free orgasm is the holy grail for slaves, subs and bitches. This standalone file is a continuation of your training, or perhaps your first real attempt. I use a combination of arousing and mesmerising erotic trance metaphor and controlled breathing and the movement of energy prana around the body. A physical, mental and energetic approach that will leave you quivering and dribbling hopefully covered in cum.
Combining MY trance skills, the great power of the mind through deep classic PMR induction and the superior power of the physical body and energetic body through pranayama. That is to say controlled breath, the contracting and tensing of your muscles, hollllllding it all in and then slowly releaaaasing all the breath, all the energy. Looking into My eyes the whole time, obeying every word as I work you up into a feverish sexual madness.
I am an EXPERT guide, let go and trust. I slowly build the PLEASURE and the PRESSURE alternating several techniques to DEEPEN and to AMPLIFY. SNAPS, triggers, air fucking, stroking, SQUEEEEEZING, and holding, HOLDING, breathing, PULLING up all the energy HOLDING as I AMPLIFY again and again, and then release, let go, let it all go.
Building the sexual energy up higher and higher every time, until finally when you let that breath out the CUM flows with it.
Sit down, strap in for an exhilarating ride. Practice makes possible, so train as often as you can.
Contains: mesmerise, PMR induction, hands free orgasm training, snaps, NLP, breath work, mental domination, mind fuck, men following orders, sensual domination, joi, masturbation encouragement,, slave training, eye contact.
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