Mistress Euryale - Semen pH is good for your teeth

Added: 30-04-2022

Today you have an appointment with your dentist Dr. Euryale. You are not relaxed at all, because your teeth are in a bad shape and you are afraid of the treatment she might choose for you. To make things easier, a dental gag has been placed on your mouth, that is now extra wide. You feel even more vulnerable in front of Euryale.
As she is examining your teeth, she explains to you how dental hygiene works and how to maintain it: it is a matter of PH balance. Right now you drink too many sweet drinks and food, which PH is acidic. You need to eat alkaline food as well. "Does your partner make you ingest cum sometimes?" she asks, and you get suddenly nervous. The prostate liquid is lightly acidic, so it's not what you need, but semen is perfect for you, she said.
Before you can't even understand what is about to happen, she plugs a pussy machine on your cock with a condom and starts to milk it to get a sample of your own semen. The result will then be emptied in your mouth, which is wide open thanks to the dental gag. And she will remove it only after you drink the last drop...
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