Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - You Can’t Escape Your Internet Blackmail Princess

Added: 02-05-2022

Lucid Lavender!
It was so nice of you to supply me with more information. So nice of you to willingly give over your last name, your phone number, where you work. I really enjoy playing this game with you. Seeing how much you're willing to divulge. Seeing how much I can extract from you. It's all for fun, for pleasure, to get that little feeling in your chest. You may not have physical restraints but me holding these little pieces of information, me having these to use against you if I so choose, if I find it necessary or entertaining even. It puts a different kind of restraint on you, doesn't it? You can feel it. Just knowing that I have that.
You'll be sitting at work and you'll hear a phone ring and in the back of your mind you think, what if that's Lucid? What if she's there on the other line, revealing some of my information. To have you on a string or a chain, locked up, not physically, but mentally. Emotionally. And I'm kinda curious, I know where you work but who's your supervisor, who's your superior what's his or her name? I'm just curious, I think it would be nice to be able to call and be able to say their name and then use your name. I just want to know what's going on of course.
Now I know where you work, I know your last name, and I'm sure I could find out more information online but I was wondering where you live? I'm just curious of course. I think we could just keep this going, you giving me more of what makes you, you. And me taking it all in. You want to make me feel more full, don't you? You want to feed me that power, you want to watch me grow. Of course. And you divulging this to me, just helps both of us really.
There's something about fetishes, it's like a natural high, you reach that height and then you reach that low, and then you wanna get out and then it just cycles. Right? And there are people who choose that feeling. It becomes an addiction. And what I like about blackmail is that you have that initial urge, that initial excitement. But instead of just repeating, the more personal information that you divulge, the higher that excitement and exhiliration becomes knowing that I know exactly where you live, knowing I know the number to your work, knowing I know your boss's name, knowing that I can use it against you at any time.
It's always lingering in the back of your mind and the more power you give me, the more personal information you divulge, the more extreme that feeling gets. The more excited you get, the more horny you get, the more you just want to stroke and stroke and escape to the bathroom when that phone rings and stroke. And you come home, and there's like a fantasy in your head where one day you'll come home and I'll be there waiting, of course that's just a fantasy, right?
I wonder how far we can take this. I wonder how far I can make you take this before maybe you get a little bit too exhilirated. The more I'm able to extract from you, the tighter and tighter that hold gets that I have over you. The more I'm able to extract, the more power I have over you, every second of every day and you just can't escape it. You can't escape at this point. Sooner or later you're going to find that you're in so deep that even if you wanted to escape you couldn't because I'm always right there. It's like I'm lingering there over your shoulder. It's like I'm the person on the other end of that phone.
And you don't want to escape. Why would you want to escape? Why would you want to get away from me? At a certain point I just have so much that you can't get away. You're mine. You gave your power to me. You gave yourself to me. You gave your entire existence away to me, Lucid Lavender, your little internet blackmail goddesss who you come home and jerk off to. I love what we have going on here and I can't wait to see just what I can get from you next. Just how exciting it is to pull more and more and more until I have all of your information. That's what you want, right? Because that's what I want and we should stay on the same page about this. Me and you, we could have everything we've always wanted. I could have everything I've always wanted. Extracted right from you lol. Don't be scared, don't be shy, give me that information, ok?
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