Goddess Natalie - Lick my boots bitch

Added: 05-05-2022

You come back home from work and find me in your room waiting for you, so happy that you finally got back home. You're basically the perfect roomate for me - you're like one of the girls, but you're still a guy, and I can get you to do anything I want so I tell you that I'm just about to go check out the new goth club in the city center with the girls and since there will be a fetish theme, I want to wear my latex dress and boots. You seem very excited to help me pick my outfit and get ready for the girls night out, but there is only one problem, my boots are really dirty and I need your help to get them cleaned so I ask if you have any ideas for how you could clean them up. You hesitate a little and feel shy about telling me what goes through your mind, but you finally decide to be honest about it and suggest you'd like to clean them up with your tongue. I get super excited that you finally came out and told me about your fetish and go from nice roomie to bad dominatrix that makes you kneel in front of her and make those boots shine!
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