Sloansmoans - Waking Up In Girl's Body WTF

Added: 09-05-2022

Watch as you’re resting peacefully and you wake to find that you’re a… girl?! What the fuck! You start to freak out as you realize you have tits and long hair and your dick and muscles are all gone. What are all of your gym friends going to say?? You’re a tiny girl and you have no idea where you are or how you became a woman. You feel so overwhelmed that you’e about to cry but you stop yourself. Men don’t cry. You keep looking around the room and find a phone. You call your wife in a panic. You tell her what’s going on and of course she doesn’t believe you. You tell her something only she would know and she finally believes you. You ask her to leave work to find you, but as you’re talking to her you become distracted by rubbing your pussy. You tell her that you’ll call her back and you can’t believe that you’re getting so turned by your female body. You don’t want to be a woman. You hate this! You want to be a man! You want your penis back! But all you can manage is to stay focused on is stripping down and touching yourself. You find it so strange that you’re getting off to your own body. You need to focus on figuring out where you are but your brain won’t calm down until you get off. You start rubbing your pussy and all you want is to fill it. You push two fingers inside and you start finger fucking yourself and you can’t believe how good it feels. Still, you don’t want to be a woman. You find yourself saying that over and over as you cum all over your own fingers. You don’t want to be a woman but you can’t stop touching yourself… enjoy me, xo
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