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Added: 10-05-2022

By Princess Miki Aoki
To a certain extent, you probably believe that your little fetish has helped you reclaim some power. You were able to convert your self hatred into a beautifully pleasurable form of sexual gratification. Suddenly, being you doesn’t suck so bad when you’re in that headspace you escape to time and time again.
Well today, I want to eradicate your delusions. You have no power. You have no control. This fetish controls you, and it turned you into a chronic masturbator.
Before you found this, you still had hope. Sure, you were still a loser… that’s what brought you here, after all. But now, all hope of you climbing up from the bottom of the social totem pole has evaporated. You’re forever a jerk puppet, stroking your life away to your bottomless list of shortcomings.
Stroke to the REAL truth. You have no power. You have no control. You’ve managed to worsen your situation, and you’re even more pathetic than the man you were before all of this.
Somehow, reading this turns you on, doesn’t it?
Go ahead, buy the clip… and jerk away all of the lies you tell yourself. The more self aware you are, the hotter this all becomes.
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