Sloansmoans - Titfight With Your Wife

Added: 13-05-2022

It’s me again... Your wife’s office rival. I came by to tell you of what happened today. The last time I was here I told you that a titfight between her and I was inevitable, well… today was the day. I describe how I locked her and I into the stationery cupboard and we stood there face to face, boobs pressed together. Your wife had more balls than I originally thought as she laughed arrogantly and agreed to challenge me. I tell you how we slammed and slapped each others tits and twisted each others nipples and soon your wife’s tits began to leak with her breast milk. We became drenched in her warm milk and I got nervous, thinking I might actually lose to her… but no. I prevailed, of course. I pinned her to the wall and slammed into her until her tits were deflated and she was sobbing, begging me to stop. I had won but it didn’t stop me from dragging her out by the hair for all the men to see who the true office titty queen is… enjoy me

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