Humiliation POV - Mistress Karina - Triggering You Into Goon Trance

Added: 17-05-2022

HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest Brat, Mistress Karina! You're going to absolutely love her verbal mindfuckery!
It's so easy for me to break a little loser like you and turn you into my addicted gooner. You fucking love jerking off and getting into this state where nothing but your cock and your computer screen matter. You get completely glued to your weak, pathetic cock and you hump your hand endlessly for hours and hours. You love humping your hand as you feel that pleasure coursing through your body. I make you so weak and horny. Look at my body and stare at my curves as I get inside of your weak little mind. I know how to trigger you into that goon state, I know how to get you look so dumb while you jerk your cock and begin to feel yourself drifting deeper into that goon state that you love so much.
You should honestly look at yourself while you're wanking, you look so fucking stupid. The faces you make while you jerk, you look so fucking dumb! But you love it loser. You love getting really dumb and horny for me. You love jerking your cock in a fucking repetitive motion as you edge yourself, getting closer to that gooning state. Goon for me loser. Stroke that goonrod. Hump your hand, you pathetic little loser lol! Show me how you hump your hand, show me how stupid you look when you goon. Get that gooner face on as your brain melts and there is nothing left of you but a brainless jerkbot lol.
Drool for my perfect body, you little loser. Don't worry about anything else, just focus on my image on your screen and pump your brains out. I own that fucking cock and I'm going to use it to make you fucking dumb. I love it when you're in this gooner state, where you're weakest and most vulnerable. Who's my gooning fucking loser? Say it. Tell me you're a pathetic little gooning loser with no life. Tell me what you are. You're a hand humper, a gooner loser, a chronic masturbating freak lol.
You fucking love jerking off more than anything else. You choose to jerkoff over everything else in your life until it is all that you have. Nothing else compares to this feeling, does it? Not your friends, or socializing or going out on dates or even fucking lol! You love the immense pleasure that it brings you, in fact, it's probably the only pleasure you have your pathetic life. You love holing up in your room and jerking off, and I can't imagine such a pathetic life, but it works for you lol. You wouldn't have your life any other way. And you couldn't have it any other way because you're so fucking addicted to jerking off to porn. and wanking is all you're any good for. You'll never be desirable but you'll always be a wank addict lol.
Keep fucking wanking. Wank for my perfect body in this shiny outfit that I would never let you touch. Your life is just one long stroke session. Porn and masturbation will always be there for you and you will always crave to return to this blissful state which I trigger. for me feels better than anything else you've ever experienced. Let your mind go blank and with each fucking pump, you're destroying more and more brain cells. You're getting dumber and more fucked up the more you jerk it. You're so fucking dumb, aren't you? Stupid for me in this shiny outfit.
Femdom porn and masturbation are your fucking demise. You're caught in this loop, stuck in this addiction because it feels too good to stop. Keep edging but don't cum, keep that cock under my control like a good boy. You're my weak gooning loser. You couldn't pull yourself out of this trance if you tried lol. You must feel so degraded and you deserve to feel this way. LOL! Keep milking that cock gooner lol! You'll never be able to stop lol!
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