Humiliation POV - Goddess Natalie - It's So Easy To Reprogram Tiny Dick Losers Into Mindless Goonbots

Added: 20-05-2022

Goddess Natalie!
This is where tiny dick little losers belong, in front of their computer screens stroking away to a hot bratty girl on the internet. This is your place now, isn't it? But you know I've been thinking about that little issue between your legs and I don't think it's really that bad after all. I don't think it's such a bad thing that you have a tiny cock. I mean a guy with a big cock wouldn't have a throbbing hard cock right now just from listening to a hot girl on the internet for like a minute in front of a camera, not even naked, just teasing you in this sexy lingerie. I mean there's nothing too exciting about that but you're already throbbing, just from that. You're already pumping away at that little thing between your legs.
I think that because you have a little cock, you have lots of advantages. I mean without it, how else would you have ever discovered all of this amazing femdom porn that you're so addicted to? It's helped you discover all of these fetishes and unleash all of these crazy fantasies. If you had a normal size cock, you wouldn't be here jerking off to internet femdom porn, would you? No, you'd be out fucking a woman, and that wouldn't feel as good to your little cock as this does. And fucking comes with so much pressure to perform and make her feel good. You don't have to worry about any of that. All you have to do is stroke that little cock.
For a little dick freak like yourself, this is your sex life. And I like it this way, I like tiny dick losers. Do you know why? Because tiny dick losers like you are so easy to manipulate. I can make you do whatever the fuck I want just by controlling that tiny little nub. Because after all, you know that you don't normally get the attention of a hot girl in real life so you're eager to do whatever it takes just to get the attention of this hot girl on your screen. And it's so easy to drain all of the cash out of your bank account because when you have such a tiny little dick, you know the only way to make up for it is by paying.
Being born with that tiny cock means that you were not born for sex. That little thing that you are stroking away at furiously right now was not meant for sex. That's just for paying and stroking. This is the only way in which you can get pleasure in this life. And when you get so much pleasure stroking to girls on the internet, why would you ever want to stop? When you get so much pleasure, you don't want it to ever end, so you pump your cock as you goon away your mind. Desperately for hours on end, binge watching clip after clip, and getting that dopamine rush every time you click and pay for a new clip.
And when you goon like this for hours, you get into this mindless state and I can literally erode your brain cells one at a time until you're left with nothing in your head. You are literally controlled by your cock. And I want you to be this way, I want you to be mindless because then you're easier to control. I want you mindfucked and disconnected from reality, easy to reprogram into a little goonbot that wants to stroke and send. And that's what I need. That's what I want. A real man with a big cock could never give me what you do. A real man wouldn't waste his money and time trying to please a girl on the internet he's never going to meet. But you will. And you, like all other tiny dick losers, are going to waste your life away, here in front of your computer screen pumping away.
You really are a very lucky little freak with a tiny dick. Now pump that little thing even faster. I own that little dick now and I want you to pump away as you worship my body. You're going to goon your life away, you're not going to do anything else with your life other than pumping that tiny little dick lol. And that is a privilege that only a tiny dick loser has. Real men with real cocks can't have that. You're so lucky lol. I want you to keep edging all night until you lose your mind because that's what we both want lol. You don't need that mind, just pump and destroy all of your brain cells lol.
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