Madam Violet - YOU ARE not BROKEN

Added: 23-05-2022

You are not broken slave, just because you are perverted. Just because you get hard when you feel like a pathetic bitch, just because you need to be weak, dribbly and desperate.
Take your cock out, put your hands behind your back. I’m going to use leading and pacing, imbedded commands and My perfect body to reassure you that you ARE not BROKEN, you are perfectly trained.
How can you be BROKEN when you know your place is on the floor. YOU ARE not BROKEN just because you know your cum should be gobbled up, because you know that pleasure means pain.
I make you strip and get on your knees before you can stroke. Doesn’t mean YOU ARE BROKEN, it means you are well behaved. Yes you are addicted and obsessed and filled with uncontrollable dirty desires, does not mean YOU ARE BROKEN, it means you are My good boy.
Just because you are going to CUM on your hands and knees on the floor as you THANK ME for taking care of your BROKEN mind and your useless dick doesn’t mean YOU ARE BROKEN. It means you are MADAM VIOLET’S.
Contains: NLP, mind fuck, mental domination, sensual domination, goddess worship,, masturbation encouragement, cum countdown, mind washing, manipulation, cruel goddess, topless, ass worship
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