Madam Violet - Finders Keepers

Added: 21-12-2017

Free will is an illusion once I have uncovered and claimed what lies beneath…

Listen to My soft seductive voice, allow yourself to fall back slave, I will catch you. The gentle POWER of My voice compels you to LET GO and sink DOWN into Me. LOOK into My eyes and FEEL your power become MINE as I take full control of your subconscious mind.

Like this dress so innocent and pretty, but underneath sexy and powerful. you get to SEE underneath My layers slave as I bring out the REAL you. When in trance, I am peeling away your barriers to reveal your true self. THAT is why you COME back to Me over and over. Intimacy and acceptance.

Oh, and also because once I have burrowed down into your gaping mind and isolated that nugget of truth inside you, I OWN it, I OWN you. Finders Keepers. ‘Free will’ is not something this GODdess offers. You have NO free will any MORE slave, it is the price you pay for MY ACCEPTANCE. Look into My eyes as you STROKE and CUM, you can FEEL Me, I have stripped you bare, you are exposed and Oh SO sensitive! This orgasm will be INTENSE as you STARE into My eyes, the eyes of your GODdess, your FINDER your KEEPER, your addiction….

Contains: hipn0sis, eye fixation, imbedded commands, conversational hipn0sis, metaphor, NLP, strip tease, Goddess Worship, masturbation instruction, sensual JOI, br4inwashing, love/addiction,.

File Name : 11___Finders_Kes
Format: MPEG-4
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Duration: 00:25:32
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