Princess Puddlez - Nurse Cheshire Treats Your Incontinence

Added: 14-10-2017

You are getting a visit from your home healthcare nurse today. Nurse Cheshire is here to check up on u after u were hospitalized due to an unfortunate accident. You’ve been feeling a bit better- perhaps a little feverish and you’ve been having a difficult time making it to the bathroom, often resulting in wet pants & much embarrassment. Read less
Cheshire is so sweet and caring, but she gets right down to business. You squirm as she checks your temperature by inserting a glass thermometer in your rectum. It is very humiliating, but she talks you through it using her sweet gentle voice. Then u confess the embarrassing accidents you’ve been having. The Nurse patiently explains that you are experiencing incontinence, and educated u on the reasons for this medical problem. She also has something to help u: Thick, Crinkly, Medical Diapers! She shows you exactly how 2 use them, slowly diapering you and explaining each step. She even applies baby powder and lotion to reduce the risk of getting a rash. Then she asks u embarrassing questions about your bathroom habits, & schedules a follow up next week. Looks like you’ll be getting many more medical diapers & visits from the sexy nurse in your future..

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