Goddess Alexandra Snow - A New Diet Secret

Added: 16-10-2017

Hello ladies.. I want to tell you a little bit about this brand new diet cure that I recently discovered. I was invited to participate in a new trial for an experimental product that has had the most interesting results. It's been carefully harvested from the male test subjects and formulated into a serum that you vape.. and it empowers the user with amazing vitality, beauty, and your body practically transforms! It's a bit of a sordid story with the testing.. apparently the first few subjects didn't survive the extraction but the results were so amazing that they continued the trials anyway. It has such incredible side effects.. making men unwavering aroused and attracted to you, but you no longer care about their approval! I literally don't care AT ALL if a man finds me attractive any more, and that seems to make me even hotter! The more I vaporize this serum into my body, the better I feel. And lately men have been falling all over themselves to offer their bodies for me to have more serum... even when I explain they will be kept in permanent stasis, making the chemical for my consumption.. But they only want to be close to me.. only want to serve, even if it means the end of their lives as they know it...

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