Club Stiletto - Mistress Kandy - Shrunken To Snack Size

Added: 16-10-2017

As Kandy’s husband, despite your best efforts, you are just a natural fuck-up. You can’t do anything right, so when u finally show up with the snack she’s been expecting for over half an hour, u disappoint her yet again. She opens the bag and finds ten pretzels. No sushi, no pizza, not even a lousy sandwich; just some dry fucking pretzels. She’s had it with u! Before reacting to your paltry offering, she proffers a drink, then tells you she has just given u a special potion that will shrink u 2 the size of a small chicken. Read less
You find yourself getting smaller and smaller until suddenly your wife towers over you as if she’s 100 feet tall.

Prepare yourself – Kandy is going to eat you; you are about to become her snack. She brings her giant mouth towards you & you clearly see her teeth and tongue, then right to the very back of her throat. Look at the saliva on her tongue and lips; she’s positively ravenous. First, she takes a big chunk out of your ass. It’s full of meat and muscle and she loves the taste. In fact, she’s feeling better already! “Look how pathetic you look” she says, as she mocks u before returning to eat some more of you. She runs her tongue over her teeth because a tiny part of you has become stuck in her teeth. She eats both of your legs and is impressed at how tasty they are. At least you are good 4 something! She keeps coming back for more; fingers, hands, then arms. She decides to put some hot sauce on what’s left of u. She decides to tease u by waiting a while to finish you off, then starts on your torso until only your head is left. She shows you how she has swallowed everything, then tosses your head down her throat! When she’s finished with u, she eyes up the cameraman, who she has also shrunk, and finishes him off in one bite.

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