Xev Bellringer - The Zombie Apocalypse

Added: 23-10-2017

Your big sister stood there in her lace panties and tank top, disheveled, panicked. Her breasts were slipping out over her tight shirt with each terrified breath. She couldn’t believe it was happening. But you did. In fact, you anticipated it ages ago… and now the undead roamed the land.

Despite all of your planning, she insisted on being in charge. Even if it was you who pulled her out of bed just before the zombies devoured the neighbors and broke into your house. You spent months stockpiling food and water in the basement, reinforcing the door, preparing for survival. And now you and your sister were locked down here… together. Alone. For who knows how long… While the whole world crumbled around you.

Then the power cut in the middle of the storm. It was cold… and the glow of the lantern brought the two of you closer. You wrapped your arms around her shivering body, pressing against her. She was scared, she needed you… You laid down against her, rubbing, her legs intertwined with yours.

This was it. Just you and your sister. You had to survive, while the rest of humanity fell… you had to do your part. She pulled her panties to the side… it wasn’t right… but it had to be done. Her hand squeezed your cock, stroking the length of you. Your sister was in charge now… and she needed you to cum inside of her… And you’d have to do this every night from here on out… sink your cock into her pussy, pumping until you spilled your seed into her womb. Until she was pregnant with your baby. It was the only way to save humanity.

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