HumiliationPOV - Princess Ashley - Tiny Dicks Deserve Pain, Not Pleasure

Added: 25-10-2017

I really fucking hate disgusting little dick losers like you. You don’t deserve to cum because small dicks are fucking pathetic. You’re gross and you’re a waste. You’re not a real man with that little dick. You’re addicted to jerking off but you don’t deserve any pleasure. And the more I tell you the truth, the harder you get. Pathetic. Really. Disgusting little dick pervs like you should never have orgasms. You’re such a pathetic loser that me humiliating you actually turns you on. But do you think I’m going to let a loser like you get off to it? No way.

I’m going to make you do exactly what I say because I know you can’t say no to me. I’m going to make sure that pathetic little dick of yours never gets off again. I’m going to make you hurt that little dick until it’s numb. LOL! Because that’s exactly what you deserve. I’m going to make you punish that cock of yours, so fucking hard. I hope it fucking hurts!

Punch your dick for me. Do it over and over again. Harder loser! I want it numb. I don’t want you to be able to feel your hand on your cock. Now hold your little dick up and punch your balls. Beat the $h!t out of those loser balls for me. I’m going to put you in so much pain before you go numb. You deserve to be punished for having such a small dick. Now slap your dick with an open hand. Keep slapping it. Harder!

Stand up and grab the heaviest thing you can find. Then lay that little cock on your desk and start smashing your tiny little cock with that heavy object. I hope you cry. The harder you hit it, the more you please me. I’m going to make you hurt yourself so bad in this clip. And the most fucked up thing is that you’re going to do this for me because you know you deserve it, don’t you loser? I love seeing you in pain.

You’re a fucking loser and you don’t deserve to cum. I hope that your cock and balls are so fucked up that you can’t cum again. You should be stuck with blue balls for the rest of your life because of that tiny little dick of yours.


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