Ceara Lynch - Slave's Dinner

Added: 29-10-2017

Lyne and I are reaching back into the deprave depths of your sick mind and bringing them back to the light. You try with all your might to deny this part of you, but the more you hide it, the more it demands of you. You’ve always been an “ass man,” but your once innocent obsession with a body part has turned into a monster. You now crave not only the weight of a woman’s smooth perfect ass on your face, but the brown, rancid caviar that comes out of it. You’ve reduced yourself to nothing but a toilet. A waste eater. How do you live with yourself? Lyne and I start by slowly teasing you with our skin tight latex covered asses, then peel them down to reveal our small thongs. Your mouth salivates as your cock throbs. We know just what you crave. You’re a pig desperate to wallow in filth. We describe in graphic, heart stopping detail just how we’ll use you; keeping your mouth agape as you’re forced to hold our excrement on your tongue for as long as we deem appropriate. Then chew it up until it coats your , permanently staining your breath, and then swallow: savoring that putrid flavor you’ve grown to crave.

File Name : 11___Ceara.Lynch - Slave's Dinner
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