HumiliationPOV - Megan Foxx - Deeper, Harder And Faster Than Ever Before

Added: 16-11-2017

Like Oh. My. God. You want to be my anal slut? I love it! However, I’m tired of you losers being bitches and complaining that it’s too big, or it’s too hard. Fuck that! You’re going to take it! I want your asshole to gape. I want you to push it in deeper than you ever have. And no crying about it! Take it like a man, not like some sissy bitch! So if you start whining, I’m just going to make you take it harder!

You can take it, this isn’t your first time. You’ve been stretching out that ass for quite awhile now. And you love it, you love it in the ass. Don’t deny it. You need it deep and hard. Stop being a sissy crybaby and take it loser. And even if you do cry, I don’t care. It pleases me when it hurts you. So bend over and slowly put it in your disgusting asshole. Yes, you can start out slow, but once it’s in there… I want you to start slamming it in there. Do it. Don’t cry about it bitch. But even if you are crying, keep taking it you fucking anal slut whore!

I’m going to make you take it harder and deeper and you’re going to love it. That’s it, really get into it! And No whining! You asked to be my slut whore anal bitch so that’s what you’re going to be. I want to inflict pain upon you. Slam it in! And the more you cry the harder I’m going to laugh at you. You’re just an anal bitch, that’s all you are and that’s all you will ever be.

And if you whine too much I’m going to make you take that dildo out of your ass and you’re going to shove it deep down your throat until you gag on it! LOL! You fucking idiot! Then you’re going to put it back in your asshole and I’m going to make you fuck it even harder until you scream and cry. I’m going to do it until you beg me to stop and then I’m going to do it deeper. I’m going to make you slam it in so hard that you’re going to hate me! LOL!


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