HumiliationPOV - Goddess Alicia - Degrading You In The Worst Ways

Added: 20-11-2017

You’re going to be my little toilet slave today, aren’t you? So I want you to get naked and crawl on all fours over to your toilet. I want you to be such a dirty little toilet slave today. I want you to clean your toilet with your tongue while you jerk that pathetic cock. And make sure you clean it good. Not only do I want you to clean the outside, but I want you to put your head deep inside that toilet and lick that bowl clean.

Lick it loser, lick that toilet and jerk your cock. Show me how much this turns you on. But that’s not nearly enough. I really want to humiliate and degrade you. Lick under the seat, lick the floor next to the toilet. Get nasty for me idiot. You make me sick.

Now while you’re down on all fours, licking your toilet and jerking off, I want you to take your other hand and stick your finger up your ass. Don’t you feel really dirty now? But you love it. You should be licking, and jerking and fingering. You’re a dirty fucking toilet slave. Maybe I’ll make you stick your face in the toilet and flush it.

Don’t miss a spot loser, I want that toilet sparkling from your spit. Lick it like you’d lick my pussy. Ewww you make me sick to my stomach. You’re so disgusting it just makes me want to degrade you so badly. No one will ever want a freak like you, that’s why you’re going to be a filthy toilet slave for the rest of your life. This is all you’re good for.

And do you know what the most pathetic part of all is? That you’re rock hard right now. You get off to this! That makes me sick. You are literally jerking off to this because you think it’s hot. That’s so fucked up! You’re a disgusting toilet slave. What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re jerking off while you’re licking your toilet! I want you to cum all over your fucking toilet and then lick it all off!
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