HumiliationPOV - Goddess Carissa - Anal Orgasm Conditioning, There Is No Being Deprogrammed From This

Added: 26-11-2017

We are going 2 try a little experiment today. We’re going to condition u. You are going to be conditioned 2 only be able to cum by getting fucked in the ass. So get a big fucking dildo because first I am going to show you how to fuck your own ass. I am going to show you so many fucking positions, & I am going to make you do it over and over again until you cum. You’re going to fuck your ass to orgasm so many times, that u won’t be able to cum without anything up your ass. You’ll need it. Jerking off alone will never make u cum ever again.Read less

And the funny thing is that I am not really going to do this to you, you’re going to do it to yourself! LOL! You fucking idiot, you want this, you want to be corrupted. You want me to turn you into an anal freak who can’t cum unless he’s getting fucked in the ass. You’re going to be conditioned n broken. You’re going to be sexually broken. I am going to break your mind, your cock and your ass, and then I’m going to rebuild you into the perfect anal slut.

You are not going 2 want pussy ever again, the only thing that you’re going 2 want is a big hard dildo up your ass. I can’t wait for the first time you try to cum without something up your ass and you realize you can’t do it. That will be the moment you realize how bad I’ve fucked u up.

You’re going to fuck your asshole over and over and over until u cum. It is going to make you spurt out cum, every time. All you’re going to want are dildos or cock, right in that fucking hole. I am going to break you, turn you into a shell of who you once were. And I don’t feel bad about it at all, this is what you deserve. You are pathetic. I am going to turn u into a sexually broken ass fucking loser.

And I am going to make you clean up your messes as well. Because not only are you anal loving loser but you are also a cum eating freak. Fuck your ass, cum, and eat it. This is your life now. There is no being deprogrammed from this.

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