HumiliationPOV - Princess Kendi Olsen - Don’t Worry About Pacing Yourself, Allow Your Brain To Flatline – P0pp3rzz Mindfuck

Added: 29-11-2017

Today is going to be really easy for losers like you who get high from their own little fetishes and high from something else. What is it you so enjoy using when you’re jerking that useless penis between your legs? I know what it is, you fucking love p0pp3r.z. You can’t get enough of them. And I know what you love even more than p0pp3r.z, you love stroking it to my perfect ass.But before I let you see my bubble butt, you need to be a good boy and take a nice deep sniff from your little bottle. Good boy. The first one is so good, you feel the rush. Why don’t you take another? Don’t worry about pacing yourself today. Just breathe in and allow yourself to let go. I want it to be easy for you to zone out on my perfect ass. Stare at it as your mind clears of everything else. You can even stroke it to my ass. Trance out even further. The combination of my ass, masturbation and p0pp3r.z is going to reduce you into a drooling little cock puppet.You have a massive lust and it feels so good. It feels good to be my ass worshiping slave. Stare at it. Take another sniff. Good boy. Breathe it in deep. Inhale. It feels so good to get high for me, it feels so good to turn your brain to mush for me. And then stare at my ass and stroke, stroke, stroke. Focus only on my ass. Allow your brain to flatline as you enter this world of lust and pleasure. Let it all go and stare at my ass. It feels so good to stroke it for my ass. It feels so good to be my addict, my mindless jerk zombie.Stroke to my perfect, young, Princess ass. Oh yes that feels so good. But don’t cum yet, I want you to snort more for me. Yes it feels so good to follow my directions, it feels so good to stroke for me, it feels so good to be my addicted little ass slave. Good little addict. I know you want to spray a big sticky worship puddle just for me. If you want to cum then take another hit. Now I’m going to work you up to an explosive p0pp3r.z orgasm to my hot young ass as your frazzled brain goes on an rush of pleasure. Good boy.

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