Madam Violet - The Pleasure trap

Added: 13-12-2017

I want to give you pleasure today slave - no strings attached. But If I allow you to stroke and if I use the power of My words, the power of this perfect BODY to amplify the pleasure there’s one small proviso, I want you to LET GO. Give UP control, not forever, just for now…give Me your mind, and I’ll give you your BLISS.
Of course you readily agree…No matter your hipn0 experience…get ready for a ride DOWN…
I keep your consciousness occupied with numbers as I bombard your cock with My perfect tits, long legs, peachy ass and imbedded commands. It’s so hard to keep track and keep count when I GRIND My pussy right in your face and litter your brain with double-binds. t’s so HARD to maintain control when you want to LOSE your mind between these juicy large tits..
I fuck your mind so sweetly, My hard nipples so teasing, until there are no more numbers only surrender and sweet aching pleasure…As I slowly remove My top I count you down, at the count of ONE your mind will be Mine and so you will STROKE for Me. STROKE slow slave because by now you are DRIPPING for Me.
Now I have you where I want you, too mentally weak to resist too physically aroused to rebel. I take advantage of your VULNERABLE psyche and FUCK your mind DEEPER until I ejaculate all over the walls of your spasming pussy-mind MY AGENDA.
I only ever give pleasure for a reason slave - you should know this by now! Then I count you down once again into ORGASM…drained, exhausted, psychologically fine-tuned I end your trance.

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