HumiliationPOV - Princess Macey - Jade Pigs Like You Belong On The Floor, Oinking, Paying And Licking My Feet

Added: 14-12-2017

All of you are fucking pigs, worthless disgusting pigs. Oink for me, pig. You can try and deny it but I know how weak you get when I look into your eyes and call you a pig. You know as well as I do how stupid and pathetic you become in my presence. I tease you with my hot body and my perfect ass and you drop to your knees. You can’t help yourself. The feeling is overwhelming. So fall down to the floor and squeal like a fucking pig.Pigs like you belong on the floor licking and sniffing the soles of my perfect feet. Get on the ground pig. You’re a disgusting little piggy. A pig’s only purpose is to lick feet. A pig’s only duty is to sniff my feet. So low, so pathetic on the floor. So far beneath me, squealing like the pathetic pig that you are. And you pay me just to be treated like the pig that you are. You pay just to lick the soles of my feet while you oink away.You may have resisted in the beginning, you may have tried to deny the fact that you’re nothing more than a pathetic pig, but by the end of this clip I’m going to have you oinking like the low life swine that you are. Just look at my feet pig. Sniff them. Beg for them. Lick every inch of my perfect princess feet like the disgusting fucking pig that you are.Stare up at me from the floor, you fucking pig. I want you to look into my eyes as I treat you like the pig that you are. Stare up at my perfection and feel how low you have become. Just look at yourself, oinking on the floor for my feet, you truly are pathetic. You can’t deny the fact that you’re a foot licking fucking pig any more, can you?

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