HumiliationPOV - Princess Kate - Sensual Mind Melting Polka Dot Pantyhose Domination

Added: 15-12-2017

Don’t you just love my cute little polka dot pantyhose? Aren't they just so sexy? You’re mesmerized by them. You love the way they shape my long, long legs. They’re so silky, so soft, I just love the way they feel against my skin. I know you’re in love with my long pantyhose covered legs. It makes your cock so horny. And you also love my pantyhose covered ass. Isn’t it just so perfect loser? I know you can’t stop staring at it.And there’s nothing sexier than my pantyhose covered feet. The polka dots are just so cute against my soft feet and toes. I know you pathetic foot boys will be entranced by my polka dot covered feet. I know you’re weakness and I’m going to use it against you. It’s so easy to manipulate you with my nylon covered feet. You’re so weak for my feet.I’ll bet you’d give anything just to have these pantyhose that I have on right now. I know your brain simply turns off when I show you my pantyhose covered ass. You love my juicy round ass. It makes you so weak and so horny. It’s so easy to seduce you. All you can do is worship my curves and my feet. Stare and pray to my sexy perfect body, covered in pantyhose. Bow down and pray to my feet. My feet are all that a loser like you deserves. Worship my feet loser.Kiss my feet and say thank you. Thank me for taking the time to tease you like this. I’m irresistible in these polka dot pantyhose. Thank me for allowing you to pray and worship. Keep staring, drooling and jerking at my silky soft perfection loser while I ruin your mind.

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