Ezada Sinn - Driver Turned Pony Boy

Added: 15-12-2017

So you’re saying u can’t start the car? And how am I supposed to get 2 the party then? Oh, I know, I will ride on your back. It is your responsibility 2 see that I get to the party, so if u can’t be My driver tonight – you’ll be My horse. Read less
Or rather My pony, you don’t deserve to be called a horse. Horses are proud & beautiful creatures, while you are meak and pathetic. But, at this hour, u might even be quicker than a car. You will be, My spurs will make sure of it. And if I will be late, I will punish you, I will whip you in front of everybody, & everybody will see what a loser u r. In fact, I think I’ll make you My pony permanently starting from today. I will ride you everywhere I need 2 go, I don’t care how humiliating it might be for you to carry Me on your back in front of all the people. If this is the only way u can be useful to Me… I can see this thought arouses u, knowing that you can be useful 4 your Mistress as a pony, since u r useless as a man. It makes you proud. And if you do a pleasing job, I might reward you. I might let you worship My over the knee high heel boots. I will let u kiss them, lick them, suck the heel. And if I’m really pleased with u, I might even let you worship My covered in leather ass. Imagine how it would feel to kiss it, after you’ve been feeling it on your back, on your shoulders, all My weight, for the whole day. So you have to be the best pony 4 Me and maybe one day you will have this honor. Now, let is get you ready!

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