Goddess Lucy Marie - The Weight Gain Shrink

Added: 17-12-2017

The weight gain shrink is so used 2 helping skinny people to gain weight…you r a real surprise for her. Combine this with her secret fetish for fat guys who knows what could happen. Read less
You go 2 a weight gain shrink as you want to really give in to your fat fetish, you want to just let go and eat until u feel you could explode. The therapist is used to dealing with skinny people or people reluctant 2 eat. At first she feels it would be unethical to treat you and cant understand why u want to get fatter. After some careful questioning she starts to understand and her inner desires are also slowly released. She really fancies you & has always had a thing for fat guys. You find her so incredibly sexy and cant take your eyes of her bulging cleavage. Finally she begs you 2 fuck her & before you know it you are both on the floor n she is grinding on your cock, breathlessly spilling all her plans to you. She agrees to treat you 3 times a week… but there will also be phone calls, email instructions, and plenty of restaurant visits, including in person feeding sessions. The way she lets loose with her feeder fantasies as she grinds on your cock will drive u wild. She is desperate to fuck and desperate 2 feed you!

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