Young Goddess Kim - The Discovery

Added: 18-12-2017

We arrive back at your place after our date. We have had a few drinks and you had a wonderful time & are ready 2 take our date to the next level. You r really into me until you go into my pants & everything changes. Read less
You go from sensual 2 a complete dominatrix as soon as u see my small penis. You verbally humiliate me by calling names (just use your imagination) & tell me, “What did u think you were going to do with that little thing? Are you kidding me! Queens like myself don’t fuck losers like u with small penis’.” Then you tell me that the only thing I am good for now is 2 be your human ashtray & air purifier. You smoke two cigarettes back to back while exhaling all your smoke in my face for me to inhale & keep the air in your home clean of smoke smell. You make me open my mouth 2 take all your ashes and tell me to swallow them, while u take pictures of me with your phone in-front of u on my knees. You tell me 2 look up to your phone and smile for the camera with a devious smile.

During your 2 cigarettes you tell me to take out all the money from my wallet and lay it at your feet or you’re going to post the pictures of me swallowing your ashtrays all over social media. You make me look at the money and tell me, (bratty voice) “That there is my money, you don’t have any money anymore. Its all mine!” At the end you even dump your old ashtrays (full or partial) from a few days into my mouth and tell me to get the fuck out.

I would like the whole clip in POV close-up style. And if you can wear something sexy like you would wear on a date night.

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