HumiliationPOV - Princess Mika - Sexy Bratty Princess Tease And Denial JOI With A Cruel Twist

Added: 22-12-2017

You love seeing me like this, don’t u? You love when I dress nice and sexy, just look at me. You are ready to obey everything I say. This is the sexy, bratty jerk off instruction you’ve always wanted. So start stroking 2 my perfect, sexy, princess body. Read less
]I know u love jerking to hot bratty girls who tease u & call you a loser. Just stare at me, I know you love stroking 4 me. You love obeying my every instruction, you love giving all the control over 2 me.

You can’t say no, you don’t want 2 say no, all you should ever say is, ‘Yes Princess’. Good boy, look at u stroking. You are stroking so fast, I want it to feel really good. It shouldn’t be that hard when I am dressed like this. You are not going to last that long if you keep up that pace, but don’t stop, keep going. It feels so good.

Now stop! LOL! You didn’t think I was going 2 let you keep stroking like that did u? Should I let u continue or just deny you? It would be so fun just to deny you. But I am feeling nice so stroke it again, but nice and slow. You love obey and stroking. It’s what you live for, you live to stroke your pathetic cock just 4 me. Stroke it faster loser. Now stop! You’re so easy 2 fuck with.

Stroke. It feels so good, doesn’t it? Especially when I wear cute, sexy outfits like this just to drive u wild. You love being my obedient stroker. And I’ve been kinda nice 2 you haven’t I? I haven’t even been that mean. I’ve been teasing you and laughing and giving you some amazing tease & denial. But there’s reason I’ve been so nice to u, I’ve got something special planned. Do u wanna know what it is?

Keep stroking 2 the fact that you’re so excited to know what it is that I have in store for you. I’m going to give you permission to cum. Stroke to that too. I know you’re so excited. But do you really think that I’m just going sit here and keep teasing you and being all sexy and just let u cum? Of course not. Are u ready to cum? I’ll bet you are. So I am going 2 walk away from the screen and you can go ahead and cum. You didn’t really think I was going to let you stare at my perfection while u cum, did u? Fuck u! Cum to an empty screen loser, I’ve already given you way more than you deserve. I’ll bet u feel so stupid, what a slap in the face, LOL! You are such a fuck up, fuck you!

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