Goddess Jessi Belle - You Couldn’t Ignore Me

Added: 24-12-2017

You couldn't ignore me if you tried. You look at me and you want to get down on your knees and worship me. You want to give me everything you have! You do too, don't you! It doesn't take much. I tell you to do something and you do it. It's not even how I look, it's my words that guide you and you follow through. You want to worship me, you need to. You know that what I say means so much to you, no matter what I wear it's always those words. You want this. You need this. Look at this body, you want to hand over your money time and time again. You can't ignore my words and you can't ignore that desire to give into everything that I want. You might get scared and think you need to back away before you do something stupid and maybe you do. Maybe you take a break or try to see other dommes, but you always come back. You always NEED to come back to me, always NEED to give me your money. You couldn't ignore me if you fucking tried.

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