Femdomshed - Princess Amber - How did it make you feel to se me walk out the door with a real man last night darling

Added: 28-12-2017

Oh Darling, how did it make you feel last night to see me walk out the door with a real man? I did tell you to be out so you wouldn't be hurt didn't I? Did it make you feel like a loser seeing your gorgeous girlfriend walk out the door with a big man like him? I bet it make you feel pathetic. Well it made me feel great, it made me feel like a real Lady. What must the neighbours of thought when they saw him holding my hand walking me into his car? I bet you felt like a right little girl didn't you. Mummy left you:) I feel so much better for being whisked off with a real man rather than spend my time with a loser like you. He is a gentleman, opening doors for me, buying me flowers. Your a wimp and if you wana stay here your gona have to put up and shut up. I can have and do exactly what I want and you can't. I'm a little Princess:) I like this darling don't you? I feel that it's really making us bond and become closer. You will be a very well trained little bitch when I'm finished with you. Making you watch me with all my boyfriends as they look down on you for being a snivelling little girl. I feel so alive darling. I don't know how I managed to stay with you for so long.

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