Goddess_Angel - A message from ME, to her.

Added: 08-01-2018

You've always needed a dominant women, whether its in the bedroom, running the house hold, who fucking cares. She just DOESN'T get it. she doesn't understand how stressful it means to be that big strong man that you've always been told you have to be... You need to let go. You need to relax. You need to give your mind, soul, and body up completely to pleasure. I've created this video to teach her exactly how to reclaim her dominant position in your life. I am going to reveal what type of "man" you are, and convince her to become the powerful Goddess that she deep down can become- with my teachings of course... How? Well, its simple. Through four rules and a few instructions, I'm going to make your "other" woman wet, then drive my way into her subconscious, and evoke the she-god she has the potential to become. I am her teacher. I am her creator. And you? Well you're in for a rude awakening... Women will rule the world, and you, are nothing but a jerk addict slave boy, ready to serve at our feet, and do out absolute bidding. Welcome to your new reality, slave bitch. And for my wives, girlfriends, and women, welcome to being a God.

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