ClubStiletto - Goddess Jewels - Will Train You To Be Her 24/7 Lick All The Sweat From My Body

Added: 03-10-2021

You have been making progress under the guidance of beautiful BBW Goddess Jewels. Today she has another task for you that you can expect 2 do on a regular basis, lick all the sweat from her body. “I just got off the elliptical” she tells u, “and I need my entire body licked clean before my boyfriend comes over.” Jewels directs you across her body starting with her feet which she will ram in your mouth before making you lick the soles & suck each toe. Next she has you move up her legs, first one & then the other, but only to the knees. Then from there u will lick up her thighs, so close to the pussy but that’s not for you, maybe in time but you have to prove yourself first.
Now she rolls over to expose her big fat ass. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to lick up and down the crack including her hole & then her entire ass. Up her back you go, where there is a lot of sweat. “Don’t miss a spot” she warns you. “Everything but the pussy.” Should u ever get the uncontrollable urge and lick her there she will lay you on your back and sit on your face with no mercy. Now her neck, then her hair, even that is damp & sticky. Next behind her ear, then she rolls on her back so you can lick her breasts, especially under them where the sweat accumulates. Finally it’s her sweaty armpits, one then the other. You have licked her almost everywhere, now it is time for you to be locked away while she has her man over. “At least you will have my taste in your mouth, you lucky boi” she tells you as u crawl back to your cage in her closet.

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