Eva De Vil - Your Ex's Feet

Added: 31-08-2020

[Custom, no name] I'm your ex girlfriend. I cheated on you, took all your money, and dumped you over a year ago. You were totally obsessed with me even though I ruined your life. Since then you've moved on and now live with your new girlfriend. Everything is finally back on track in your life until I show up at your apartment one day.

You're shocked to see me. I've decided I want to get back together but you resist me and say so. I seduce you. It's no use resisting I'll prove it. I'm going to make you jerk off and cum. I challenge you. If I can get you to cum then you have to dump your girlfriend and become my slave. It seems simple enough to refuse me, given your resentment to me for ruining your life.

There's subliminal messaging in the background but despite this, you manage to hold your ground. But I know there's one thing you can't resist, my bare feet and soft soles. I peel off my stockings and show you my feet. You cave and start jerking. You're completely under my spell as I tease you with my bare feet.
Now that you're my slave, I command you to text your girlfriend a picture of your dick and dump her. Tell her you just jerked off to your ex's feet and you are now her slave.

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