LisaJordan - Pumpslave spiral

Added: 04-09-2020

Custom: It would be great if you could make a new video for me (15 minutes) including edging, gooning, slave training, mesmerize, love addiction, dirty talk whispers all along, face/lips worship, tits worship, pussy worship, boots fetish, ass worship, oil fetish, shiny fetish. Here is new idea or actually it is a previous one that was not detailed enough, so that was quite confusing… I hope it is clearer here ! Outfit : Oiled body (especially your tits and booty), shiny pink or purple lipstick and nail polish, shiny purple bikini and pink pvc boots ;) Story : This story would be in two parts (2 videos). You would like to train me (a kind of summer training camp lol) and torment me again. So you would finally have unlocked my cock but I would still be bound in a room with a VR headset, coerced (deliciously coerced ;) ) to listen to your instructions and dirty talk, watch a movie in the goggles and jerk off/edge/goon all day while enduring your extreme tease and worshipping you and your gorgeous body without being allowed to cum. Of course, what I would see in that movie is you and what I would hear is you teasing me and instructing me to jerk off and goon for you all day long (which is this custom video !). So at the beginning of the video, you would explain that you would like to continue my training as your slave…and having fun again tormenting me again ! That is why I would have awaken unlocked but still bound (except a free hand). Then you would tease me all along with your face, lips, mips licking, tits, pussy and ass in the bikini and sexy views of your booted legs and thighs, while dirty talking to me. I would have to repeat the video all day. On the visual side, if you could make something inspired by « Chastity play », « PVC pleasures », « Edge training repeat » and « Sex slave freedom » (which were very hot !) with a touch of « Brainless findom » (not in a too complicated way though) for the mesmerizing (visually mind fucking) effect (please with no flash effects that could be uncomfortable or hurting the eyes), that could be great. That is the idea. Torment me. Make me edge and make it very difficult for me to resist cumming but do it your way. That is always awesome anyway J On the « audio » side, there would be dirty talk and JOI/edging all along. If you could whisper all along as if you were talking to me in my ears, that would be awesome. So if you could film yourself without talking, record the talking later (maybe while looking at the video so you can synchronize the pictures with your talks) and then mix both, that would be awesome (otherwise, for instance, I am not sure I would hear you whisper with ass worship poses !). That video would be the first part of that training. The second part would come in the next video.

File Name : 11___LisaJordan - Pumpghkghkpiral
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 543 MB
Duration: 00:15:52
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 29.970 FPS, 4582 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 192 kb/s


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